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Tigers XI

Names to be updated over the coming weeks check back regularly for the latest team new.

Toby Flood (C)
Manu Tuilagi
Joe Cain
Scott Hamilton
Jamie Gibson
Seb de Charves
George Tresidder
Ed Slater
Julian Salvi
Ryan Bower
George Catchpole
Fraser Balmain
Perry Humphreys
Richard Blaze

The Paralympic Legacy

A demonstration arranged by John Duggan and Sandra Pugh of Leicestershire and Rutland
disability sport.


Do you think you have a good aim at skittles! Then try it without the benefit of your vision. Use your orientation and 'Kinaesthetic  Memory' to record a score. Experience a world with one of your
senses removed!

Try your hand at one of the new up and coming sports. You've probably seen it on ice - Now come and try the indoor  'Iceless' Version!

BOCCIA Is a paralympic sport. It requires a good eye and a deadly aim to suceed. Experience the feel of the BOCCIA Ball, then deliver it with accuracy!

A variety of targets to hit and score points with. Deliver with accuracy, adjust with precision, try and post a score worthy of your skills!

Vertical Advantage

Leicester Cobras

The Leicester Cobras Wheelchair Basketball Team will be providing a demonstration on Sept 1st.

A special feature will be giving people a chance to experience the practicalities of shooting a basket form a sitting town position and maybe even take part in a short wheelchair basketball game!

After providing the Cobras with some wheelchairs, the Taverners has stayed in touch with the Cobras and the Cobras have now provided three demonstrations at Lords Taverners functions - thank you very much for this.

The Leicester Cobras
They run 4 teams in adult and junior national leagues and after this coming season will be joining the UK Super League - they will become the 5th team in the supper league which includes teams from Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Oldham and London. Taking part in this league will lead the Cobras to take part in European competition and at the moment the Cobras is coached by one of the coaches involved in the UK National Team. The mens GB national team became the European Champions over the weekend. The GB ladies recently won the bronze medal in European wheelchair basketball and two of their players are with the Cobras and played for GB in the Para Olympics. The Cobras are the up and coming team in UK Wheelchair basket ball and as such attract players from all over the UK.

So you can see that the Cobras are a local success story and with some more funding behind them they will become a key player in the National and European wheelchair basketball community. If there are some local companies out there who would like to gain some profile via the success of the Cobras - and at the same time contribute to the development of the Cobras and widen the beneficial impact of this disability sport then please contact Ian Trott or Ian Guyler or any of the Lords Taverners Committee. To give you an indication, the Cobras need 30,000 per annum to keep going so sponsorship would really help their development!

Team sponsor wanted
Hambo/Tavs XI

Names to be updated over the coming weeks check back regularly for the latest team new.

Paul Nixon (C)
Harry Ellis
Ian Stringer
Matt Elliott
Craig Newby
Darren Maddy
Freddie Tuilagi
Ian Salisbury
Austin Healey
Simon Grayson
Adrian Pierson

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